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and challenging poses

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Soul Strap®.

Stay inside your yoga flow even when you need your strap. Soul Strap is the first and only stretch band that can be worn comfortably on the body while flowing through movements. Soul Strap is there for you every step of the way.

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Suzy Biddiscombe
Suzy Biddiscombe@feelingcreatively
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Aw thanks! I'm loving the soul strap btw! I work at iShine yoga and I geeked out when Genevieve first showed it to me! I hate using long straps, but with all my surgeries and such, I still need to use a strap, so the soul strap has been awesome for that!!
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Do impossible stretches at ease.

2 Outer Bands

provides 2 stretch lengths

Sole of foot

and calf

Soft Materials

quient and hand-washable

Worn during practice

No interruption

4 Size options

can be work on palm

Assembled in USA

from North Carolina

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I had been doing yoga on and off for awhile and got really into it when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, but towards the later months I struggled with a lot of the different yoga poses. A friend of mine recommended trying out the Soul Strap to make some of the positions a little easier and for a more gentle way to stretch. This product was a lifesaver and I was able to continue practicing yoga and keep a fitness routine despite the huge belly. Thank you so much for creating such an awesome product!
Tehane Gallimore
Verified Buyer
The Soul Strap is awesome! I'm fairly new to Yoga and it really helps me modify some of the poses my muscles are not quite ready for yet. I love how I can progress through the straps as my flexibility improves. I will definitely put these straps to good use in my practice!
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Most of our Soul Strap users ask these questions.

Soul Strap is always there for you during your practice.  If you struggle with balance, reaching your toes or just want a little support during poses, Soul Strap is right there waiting to assist you in your stretch.  

A complete set is 3. One worn on each foot/calf for leg assists, one on the one hand for arm assists. Straps are sold individually so you may customize options as you wish.

Buy 3 receive %15 off total order.

At this time, the return policy only covers manufacturing defects. 

The current return policy  only covers manufacturing defects at this time.   

Materials are domestic and non-domestic, assembled in NC, USA 

Once an order is shipped, We will send email a confirmation with tracking, remember to check your junk box.

No, I don’t have any other yoga products at this time.

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Ishine yoga studio in Huntersville Nc is a beautiful family run yoga studio.  Anita and Genevieve give back by supporting local makers like myself and others! Check them out!  Thank you ishine! 

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Thank you DPC!

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My lovely friend Hazel! 

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Stay strong! 

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Make your life better with Soul Strap

Worn on the body throughout the yoga practice to provide stretch assistance without interruption!
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