Have you ever had a problem getting in shape?  Trying everything to no avail? That was me until I found the magic of yoga! 

I’m Rosie, the creator of Soul Strap. 

The Best Of LKN Podcast – Get to know the fearless founder of The Soul Strap, Rosie Schepisi

I’m a busy single mom working full time and as I’ve aged, I realized I needed to do more for my body, so I joined yoga.  While I’m moderately flexible, my balance is off, and my back is a wreck.  Even slow flow yoga was difficult for me for a long time.  I pushed myself harder in every class even doing some of the power classes, but it was difficult.  We would move from pose to pose and I’d have to stop several times to reach for the long strap.  In doing this I interrupted my flow, lost my peace of mind and my balance.  Or, I would over-reach to the point of straining my muscles.  It was so frustrating! 

At the end of class one night while in Shavasana, I tried to think of 

What could be made to assist me with my stretches and be worn on my body the whole time.  

 It was then that Soul Strap was conceived. 


Then next two years would be spent working on developing and patenting this new idea.  I bought a sewing machine and taught myself how to use it.  I worked through many iterations until Soul Strap was perfect.  By chance, I joined with the people at the Davidson Hurt Hub and their mentors helped to lay a path to follow.   I have also been a member of the Inventors Network of the Carolinas for 9 years, and their encouragement and education would prove priceless.

Through perseverance and fighting the odds, I was able to bring Soul Strap to life!  It has been a lifelong dream of mine to create a truly new and innovative product.  I still have my first ‘patent’ I made up at age 7.  To see one of my creations come to life has been thrilling, but even more so because it will actually help make people’s lives better. 

To connect people to their practice and allow their minds to be quiet through the movements and to be supported throughout is a gift all on its own. 

This is why I chose the name Soul Strap. 

Connecting to one’s self is the secret to finding the path of longevity and happiness.   

Life is hard enough on its own, make it a little simpler with Soul Strap!  


Make your life better with Soul Strap

Worn on the body throughout the yoga practice to provide stretch assistance without interruption!
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